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DTC efficient brand building

Improve website building functions to help merchants create high-conversion stores
From website building to promotion, operation management, service, etc. can be satisfied in ShopPro

Quickly build a website and open a store

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  • Start from scratch

    You can open a store with just one phone call, with graphic and video guidance, manual one-to-one answering questions, assistance in applying for third-party service configuration, and help you go online quickly.

  • Profit free

    We promise that the payment generated in the mall will not do any commission, no handling fee, and 100% of the revenue will belong to you.

  • reliable service

    It has enterprise-level overseas e-commerce servers, and provides long-term technical support and maintenance and upgrades without any worries.

  • Powerful Matching Properties

    Support interface appearance modification, support multi-account management, support multi-national currency settlement, and provide secure HTTPS domain names.

Convenient product management

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  • Manage products efficiently

    Commodities support batch import and export of commodities. There is no upper limit on the number of entered commodities. It supports multi-condition screening, batch recommendation, deletion, and removal from shelves to meet enterprise-level high efficiency requirements.

  • Multi-dimensional fine control

    All products can upload pictures, texts and videos, support multi-specification and multi-parameters, create multi-level categories, customize brands, and configure independent shipping templates.

  • SEO optimization

    You can improve site and product rankings and expand traffic by optimizing product names, page titles, and description keywords

  • Various marketing methods

    Commodities can be set at discounted prices and superimposed member discounts, and can also be sold in combination with multiple products. Coupon supports limited validity period and usage limit, which can be actively issued to customers, and can also be obtained through open links to prevent invalid issuance.

Sophisticated customer management

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  • Personalized and precise operation

    Detailed records of customer information, from registration, consultation to consumer reviews, from orders, summary to statistics at a glance.

  • Free membership level system

    Membership levels and corresponding rights can be freely created, with unlimited levels, and membership promotion or downgrade can be adjusted at any time.

  • Multi-channel CRM management

    It can contact customers actively or passively through online messages, comments, tweets, station letters, email subscriptions, etc., and at the same time meet the various needs of mass push and individual communication.

  • Support one-click import and export

    Support one-click import and export of customer data, and mass notification, no need to worry about migration anytime, anywhere, where you go, the customer is there!

Trading order management

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  • Perfect transaction link

    Customers can pay online, apply for invoices, receive comments or refunds, and the background can also visually see the order status, filter, print receipts/QR codes, and batch export.

  • Smart Trading Rules

    Orders are automatically canceled over time if they are not paid, automatic reminders for successful orders, and automatic confirmation of receipt, which greatly reduces the repetitive and tedious actions of customers and merchants.

  • Comprehensive recording and restoration

    All order operations in the background will be recorded for reverse inspection, and after the order is deleted, it will enter the recycle bin, which can be restored at any time, reducing the problems caused by personnel misoperation.

Global configuration

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  • Flexible logistics adaptation

    Support custom regions, logistics companies and delivery methods, configure national-level shipping templates, formulate different shipping strategies and prices for different categories, weights or volumes of goods and quantities, and deeply adapt to the needs of merchants.

  • 5+N currency support

    Based on the world-renowned Paypal, it is safe and reliable, supports up to 5 global mainstream currencies, dynamic exchange rate calculation, one-click switching of euro, dollar, yen, etc., automatic conversion of prices on the whole site, and more currencies and payments can be customized Way.

  • Easy to share

    All products and articles support one-click sharing to overseas social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and support click-to-access anywhere in the world.

Standard and Personalized Interfaces

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  • adaptive display

    Compatible with major mainstream browsers, and specially adapted for PC and H5 mobile terminals, whether it is a large, medium or small screen, it can automatically adjust the interface display to ensure the best shopping experience.

  • International language

    The interface UI is displayed and explained in English at the front and in Chinese at the back to ensure that most people can easily browse, understand and operate it. It also supports custom designs in other languages.

  • custom interface style

    You can adjust the display content and position of the home page, and modify the display color of the mobile terminal. If you are not satisfied with the official template, you can make and upload it yourself.

Perfect store operation

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  • Multiple role permissions

    Multiple role accounts can be created, and corresponding permissions can be set for marketing, customer service, warehouse management and other positions, which can not only cooperate efficiently, but also prevent unnecessary losses caused by unauthorized operations.

  • Content management

    Tweets can be edited according to the sales characteristics of merchants, and categories such as evaluation of grass growing, professional science popularization, event coupons, commodity promotions, and holiday notices can be freely edited, and can be combined with internal messages and emails for fixed-point push, covering different levels of customer groups.

  • Instant reminder

    The site includes important reminders such as members placing orders, order overtime, successful remittance, low inventory, and return applications. For members and administrators, they can be delivered through various methods such as in-site letters, emails, and client terminals to ensure timely processing of important matters.

  • Statistics and ranking

    Across modules such as commodities, users, orders, etc., statistics and lists rankings from multiple perspectives such as grade, amount, pageview, and sales volume, and assist merchants to analyze and formulate daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly operation policies